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Mini-Coop: Week 16

Baby is as long as an avocado!

Thanks for all of the support with the news about our upcoming MOVE! We’re so excited and blessed to be where we are right now!16week

How I’m Feeling

Great! Again, nothing to complain about! I started wearing a BeBand from Target to keep some pants up. It’s this awesome elastic tube that well, keeps your pants up (even when they’re unbuttoned). I’m definitely starting to “feel” pregnant, meaning that my belly just feels different than it ever has!

My bellybutton is changing shapes already, even though there’s not THAT much pushing it out.



Man, working out feels SO GOOD! I did “overdo” it on one day though. On Saturday, I did a weights routine in the morning, and then I went walking with my friend Ashley, and we went to church that evening. Just that much activity had me begging to lay down around 8pm. Granted, I haven’t done that much activity in one day in a while, so I’m sure my body would probably be ok if I did weights and a 20-30min walk!

I’ve also been doing lots of planks. It feels so good to engage my core (without doing actual ab exercises, here’s why I’m staying away from crunches).


Still loving to cook over here! Tuesdays have been deemed enchilada days! I used this recipe for Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas from Skinnytaste (but I subbed in pinto beans for the turkey and corn tortillas for the flour).

Another winning recipe was a Sweet Curried Tuna Salad from Cooking Light and a Apple-Broccoli Slaw salad from the same book, but I can’t find the recipe online. It was bascially a package of broccoli slaw, 1.5 c. chopped apple (I used a green apple), and a dressing of lite mayo (3TBSP), apple cider vinegar, a bit of sugar and salt. I had to double up on the sugar and the vinegar, because as the slaw sat overnight, the flavors were barely detectable. I don’t know if I’d make the slaw this way again, but, we really liked the apples mixed in there! I think we’ll just tweak the dressing a bit to make it have some more PUNCH!6vs16

Week 6 vs Week 16- what a difference 10 weeks makes!

Well, there went week 16 without a hitch! Excited to see what week 17 brings!

Five Alive!

Anyone else remember the “breakfast beverage” called Five Alive? My parents never bought it, but I remember slurping down the juicy goodness at friends’ houses after a sleepover (or rather a talk-the-whole-night-over).

Cait from Beyond Bananas and Chelsey from Clean Eating Chelsey recently posted this “5 Things” survey, and I thought I’d share my 5’s with YOU!

Holly’s 5’s

Last 5 People I talked to on the phone (my personal phone, not @ work):

Last 5 Meals I Ate:

Cookies (5 of 11)

  • Rice with flax, PB & J and COFFEE for breakfast
  • Rice cake with Jam (before running)
  • SUPER delicious Frittata and Chocolate Chip Chickpea Bars (above) (dinner last night)
  • Apple and a couple Russel Stover Dark Chocolates (snack yesterday)
  • Leftovers (lunch yesterday)

Last 5 Places I’ve Traveled:

  • Louisville (to hang out with family)
  • Louisville (to hang out with friends)
  • St. Louis (to visit our friends, check out our Schlafly Visit!)
  • Cincinnati (for a Friend’s wedding)
  • Louisville (to hang out with friends AND family)

Next 5 Places I will Go:

  • Nannying
  • Home
  • School
  • Home
  • Work

Last 5 Workouts:

This is from last year’s Turkey Trot!

  • 7.2 miles this morning
  • 7.5 miles on Saturday
  • 3 mile run and YOGA with Ashley on Friday!
  • It’s So On Right Now workout and 1 hour walk on Thursday
  • Wicked Things workout and 1 hour walk on Tuesday

5 Things Making Me Happy:


  • Cooler temperatures!
  • Rekindled passion for running
  • COFFEE and homemade kombucha
  • Snuggling with my hubs
  • Silas

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

The Past Two Weeks

Hello Friends- get ready for a DOUBLE DOSE of Fitness Friday (on a Saturday… again)! Life has been a little hectic lately, and I just haven’t carved out time for blogging :) BUT- today is a special treat- workout recaps from the past two weeks! Hooray!

The last Fitness Friday was posted during our St. Louis trip! Sunday we traveled back home, and Monday we took the day off, relaxing and getting the house back in order!
This week’s recap starts on Tuesday, August 16th

  • Tuesdsay: Run 5.25 Miles (Felt REALLY good! Daniel even came and biked along with me on the Legacy Trail!)

    Recycled Picture, but you get the point :)

  • Wednesday: Quick 30 minute Run during my lunch break at work
  • Thursday: 7 Mile bike ride with Daniel around town (I heard that Ashley K and her hubs also did a couples bike ride that night too!)
  • Friday: Super Sucky attempt at a workout: 1 mile run and a few weights and abs. Probably should’ve taken a rest day!
  • Saturday: Insanity: Cardio Recovery with the KY Fit Club! (<– FREE SATURDAY MORNING WORKOUT!)
  • Sunday: We took Silas for a walk on the Legacy Trail! Pup is such a wimp, we went maybe 3 miles round trip!

    Another Recycled Picture!

  • Monday:Run/Strength Workout that I stole from Lindsay at Cotter Crunch
    -Run 10 Min (with Silas) (1.09 Miles)
    -50 squats; 30 raised push ups (using toy box); 25 leg lifts; 25 bicycles
    -Run 10 Min (1.14 Miles)
    -60 Lunges; 30 Push Ups (last 10 Tri Pushups); 50 Bicycles
    -Run 10 Min (1.42 Miles)
    -40 squats (last 10 jump squats); 10 Push Ups; 20 Tricep Push Ups (one armed)
    – 5 Min Cool Down walk with Silas
    Total Mileage: 3.65
  • Tuesday: 1 hour walk with the adorable little boy I nanny for and ROCK CLIMBING with Daniel at the Johnson Center (yay for being able to get into the university workout center!) I did two 5.7 and one 5.8 route!  (and we biked to and from the gym! Yay for functional workouts!)
  • Wednesday:30 Mins on Elliptical during break at work (aka magazine time!)
  • Thursday: 30 minute walk while nannying; Fast 30 minute run on the treadmill at the Johnson Center before my first classes of the semester!
  • Friday: 1 Hour walk with the Kiddo while Nannying (we walked to the bookstore to buy some fun Truck and Tractor books!)

Sheeeeeew. Thanks for sticking with me! I’m going to try to get back to posting on a semi-regular schedule. What would you like to read this week!?

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