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Mother, Graduate.

I hope that all of the Mothers had a wonderful day of celebration! Not only was this my very first Mother’s day, but it was also the day that I graduated from college!


I got to spend the day with some of the people I love, and I got to close the chapter on my undergraduate college days.

It’s been a long 6.5 years, but I’m finally finished! I began college in 2006 at Denison University, my top choice among colleges. After a rough freshman year, my sophomore and junior years were some of the greatest years of my life! I couldn’t return to Denison due to financial issues following my parents’ divorce in 2009, so I attended the University of Kentucky part time from Fall 2009-Summer 2012.


I was blessed to have been able to transfer my coursework back to Denison, and I am still amazed that I was able to earn my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the school that I fell in love with many years ago. Although I graduated 3 years later than the rest of my freshman class, I am extremely proud to say that I am now a Denison Alumni.



We spent Mother’s Day at a chilly graduation ceremony, and Daniel won a daddy-of-the-year award for taking Adeline duty on Sunday.





They are adorable and I love them. I think I was trying to say “brrrrr” in the picture below.20130512_120645

Mothers and babies on Mother’s Day. I am so thankful that my mom was able to celebrate with us!20130512_140800

With my mom and my brother Matthew. If my mom and I hadn’t been wearing heels, Matthew would surely tower over us! P.S. Matthew graduates from middle school soon! I can’t believe it!


My “Happy Graduation/Mother’s Day” gift from Daniel- Jeni’s Salty Caramel. It is worth every penny. We had plans to visit Whit’s frozen custard when we were in Granville, but being in 45 degree weather for a few hours kind of makes you not want ice cream anymore.20130513_072510

Sunday was quite a special day indeed. Hope all of the mommies out there had a wonderful celebration! Just a few more pictures, mainly because a baby in a graduation cap is too darn cute!



Did you go to college? Did you graduate in four years? How was your Mother’s Day?

Sixth Year Senior

What is this? A blog post? It’s been a while since you’ve seen a new one of these babies… I thought for a minute there, I was starting to hear crickets!

Ahh yes- life is in full swing! As I mentioned in our last post (5,4,3,2,1)- school is back in session. I don’t know if I’ve ever recapped my “educational journey” on the blog, so I’ll do a quick rundown of why I’m still in college.

I started out at Denison University in Granville, OH after graduating high school in 2006. I ran Cross Country and Track, and after a horrible freshman year, my sophomore and junior years were some of the best years EVER!


Daniel and I started dating the summer after our sophomore year (to read more about our story, click here!) I was a biology major, super interested in most of my classes, and I was doing great in school! Denison is a small, private, liberal-arts college- so it seemed like all of my classes were interconnected and linked with one another and with the “real world”.


I made some WONDERFUL friends, and had a blast just being a student athlete!


runningDuring Summer of 2009 I went to Kenya on a Medical Mission trip through Mi2. This old blog recaps that entire summer, and this post even hints at my thoughts on returning  to Denison.


Due to finances, my parents divorce and my experience in Kenya- I just knew God was telling me not to return to Denison that fall. I instead enrolled at the University of Kentucky for Fall 2009. Partly to be in the same place as Daniel, and partly to be closer to my family (including my two awesome, blogging sisters- Maggie and Catherine!)


I attended one semester at UK, and it rocked my world. Huge classes, living off campus, no friends (other than Daniel). It was a rough semester. I started the Spring 2010 semester, but then I dropped out (<—check out that post for “in the moment” details).

So, after getting married in May 2010, and taking two semesters off, getting a dog and working, I’m back in the school game! (And, if Silas can graduate puppy school, I can certainly graduate college)


I’ve got roughly 30 hours to complete at UK to graduate, and most of the classes are undergrad classes! I’m only going part-time right now as Daniel is a full time student (graduating in May 2012!) I plan on going back full-time once Daniel is finished with his undergrad (he’s an Econ major!)

If you stuck with me, THANK YOU! And I promise I’ll post something fun this weekend Smile

Graduation Part 1

This past weekend, Daniel and I headed back “home” to Louisville to celebrate his sisters’ graduation from college! Rachel (Days with Evie) is now finished with college! I bet Evie will be glad that her mom’s nose won’t be buried in books and papers for a little while! On Friday night, we hung out at Daniel’s mom’s place. Silas and Evie played, and played, and played, and played. Both dogs were exhausted at the end of the night, I think everyone slept well on Friday! Daniel also set up his slack line and we took turns nearly breaking our necks as we tried to walk across.

We celebrated with a dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack right near the River. Joe’s was loud, lively and there was even a Gluten-Free menu! Unfortunately, our service was terrible, and I think that’s putting it nicely.

Out of the 12 orders, one was missing completely, and at least 3 others had missing components :( Along with no Crustacean shell crackers, and not enough silverware, we had to keep asking the staff for items. I felt horrible bothering them EVERY time that they came to the table, but, that is kind of their job. After an okay meal, (seafood is always awesome, but this was tainted by the bad service, boo), Rachel got the pleasure of being embarrassed by the entire restaurant. The staff had Rachel trot around the restaurant on a purple horse-on-a-stick.


The men drooled over a pair of yellow Lamborghinis parked in front of Joe’s, and I can’t believe I didn’t snap a picture. Darn… But I do have a few random pictures from the dinner table:



(Note: Not Rachel and Tim’s baby. Baby Aliza is their niece!)

Anyways, after dinner, we headed over to Rachel and Tim’s place for some dessert and a movie. Ice cream on a warm summer night ALWAYS hits the spot! We also watched “Just Go With It” starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, HILARIOUS. I usually don’t laugh at movies (not out loud anyways), and this one had us all cracking up!

Stay tuned for Graduation Part 2…!