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Baby-Friendly Parks in Cincinnati

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We had some fun around Cincinnati this weekend, so I thought I’d share a few of our favorite kid and baby-friendly outdoor spots in Cincinnati!

Baby Ault Park1

Ault Park

Adeline and I visit Ault Park on a weekly basis. I love the playground at Ault park because it is well-shaded, and there is plenty of play equipment for kiddos of all ages. We stick to the baby swings and to crawling around the smaller play area. There is usually plenty of parking near the playground, and there is a water fountain and picnic tables in case you decide to have a picnic.

Baby Ault Park Baby eating Plum Organic Pouch

Ault Park is also home to a number of hiking trails, we’ve taken Adeline for a hike or two in the Ergo carrier! Silas, our dog, also loves to come on hikes with us. Ault ALSO offers a nice loop for walking/running, and you can really challenge yourself by running up and down the LONG hill at the entrance of the park.

Baby Ergo Hiking

Lunken Playfield

One of our new favorite parks is the Lunken Playfield near Lunken Airfield. There is a FANTASTIC fenced-in playground called the Land of Make Believe attached to a building which houses restrooms, a water fountain and seasonal concessions. The Land of Make Believe does charge $1 for kids ages 2-12, but anyone younger or older than that is free. If you go before or after the facility is open (10am-7pm), you can get in through the back gate. I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for such a nice place for kids to play. The fenced in playground can certainly give parents a sense of certainty that their little one won’t be able to escape, and I don’t mind the convenience of a clean bathroom one bit!

Lunken Airport Playfield(photo from

The Land of Make Believe playground is also VERY well shaded, and there is quite an expanse of play equipment for the kiddos. There are a few baby swings, and the grass is kept nice and short, Adeline really likes crawling and “walking” on the green space. Additionally, there are a few picnic tables under a shelter in the playground, so pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors! There is also another playground at Lunken, though I’ve never been over there. It’s not shaded, but it does have some nice play equipment!

Running alongside the Lunken Playfield is a great paved trail for runners, bikers and walkers alike. The Lunken Airport Bike Trail is a paved 5 mile trail that takes you around the airport. It is pretty flat, and there is a GREAT view of the runway. The runway lookout is only about a mile from the playfield, so be sure to take a walk to watch the planes take off!

Otto Armleder Memorial Park

The Lunken Bike Trail also connects with a 1-mile trail that leads you to Otto Armleder Memorial Park. Otto Armleder is one of my favorite places to run. There is a nice 1.8 mile loop that goes around the park with many branches to make the run shorter (say, if your baby is crying in the jogging stroller).

Baby Jogging Otto Armleder

There is also a playground (no baby swings here, folks) and a sheltered area with plenty of picnic tables. Otto Arlmeder also boasts an impressive dog park, and Silas goes NUTS when we take him out to run about. There are also many soccer fields, and there’s even an access point to the Little Miami River if you feel like fishing or canoeing! My favorite attribute of Otto Armleder is how serene it is. You can just enjoy the sounds of nature (with the occasional plane flying overhead) without the white noise of traffic and cars.

Alms Park

We also visited Alms Park this week. Nestled in the adorable Columbia-Tusculum area, Alms Park has some great views of the river. Alms also has a nice playground and some swings (baby swings, too!) There is a cool slide at Alms that is nestled into the hillside. There is plenty of green space for kicking a ball or having a picnic, and there are some big trees to provide some nice shade in the summer.  I haven’t spent a ton of time at Alms Park, but we like going there for a change of scenery.

Washington Park

Located in Over the Rhine (and just a few blocks away from some unique eating and shopping locations) is Washington Park. One of the best things about Washington Park is definitely the water fountains. There are always kids running in and out of the fountains, and it’s a great way to cool off (for FREE!)

Baby at Washington Park Fountain

The playground at Washington Park is pretty great too! It is another fenced in park, so kiddos can’t go running too far. There are also a few buildings with restrooms and water fountains, and there are plenty of benches outside of the playground area. There are sometimes people hanging out at Washington park who look a little rough around the edges, but I’ve never been scared or nervous about hanging out at the park.

Baby at Washington Park

The biggest downside to Washington Park (for me) is that you’ll most likely pay for parking. There are plenty of street meters, so bring your change! There is also a parking garage underneath the park, and you can pay to park there as well. There are a couple of baby swings and WARNING there is a sand pit (in case your little one likes to bring sand home in his/her pockets Smile )

Here are a few great links for even more information about Cincinnati Parks:

What is your favorite outdoor activity? Any great parks that we should visit soon?

I’d love to do an “Ask me Anything” type of post. Maybe even a video post? Anyways, feel free to leave a question in the comments below or shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll put something together!

Mini-Coop: Week 18

Baby is the size of a sweet potato!

Well, our due date changed a little bit, Mini-Coop is now due to make his/her appearance on September 30th (instead of on the 28th). Can you believe this marks the beginning of the 5th month?!?


How I’m Feeling

Still doing super! I had one day where I didn’t feel so great, but work has been pretty busy for the past two weeks, and I didn’t sleep well at all the night before. Just goes to show how important sleep is! This was our finals week, so our schedules were a little bit weird, but we’re done with the Spring 2012 semester!!! Yippee! And Daniel is done with his undergrad! I’m married to a UK Graduate!

I’m taking classes this summer, and those start on Monday. I’m looking forward to my “summer schedule” of class and work, I have a few days with a large chunk of time in the afternoon, so I’m hoping to get into a more regular exercise routine! And I’ll have time before classes in the mornings, so Silas and I may try to get in some regular morning walks (I know he would LOVE that!)

Silas also got a haircut this week- this pup is pretty miserable when the temp soars over 80 degrees, so we decided to shave him down. He looks so cute!!! (And Ashley pointed out that he looks kind of like he did when he was a pup!)



We had a doctors appointment this week, and everything looks great! Baby Coop’s heart is beating at 140 bpm (compared to 153bpm 4 weeks ago and 167bpm 8 weeks ago)! My appointments are so quick and painless- urine sample, weight, blood pressure, any questions? All done. Next visit, we’ll finally get a belly measurement, so there will be one more step added to visits. I know I should enjoy it while I can, I hear the 3rd trimester visits can get rather… invasive. Our big ultrasound will be on May 22nd or 23rd, and we couldn’t be more excited!!! Not only are we excited to find out if little Mini-Coop is a he or a she, but we’re looking forward to seeing little fingers and toes and all other little baby parts.

Pregnancy Stats

Weight Gained: 2lbs
Pants that don’t fit: 2 pair
Bathroom trips at night: down to 1 or 2, THANK GOODNESS!
Number of salads consumed this week: 5
# of naps desired vs. # of naps taken: 3 vs. 1 (we need to work on that ratio…)

Oh… and because I think pregnancy weeks/months are confusing, here’s a handy dandy chart!


Ten Things Tuesday

1. It’s finally November. This means I can start listening to “instrumental” Christmas music. It also means that I can wear my Christmas socks without feeling ashamed.


2. I love feet, particularly these 6 feet.



3. Daniel got a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. They may be the dorkiest looking shoes alive, but he can run… without knee pain!


4. I love the colors of fall. I don’t like the fact that after the next rain, the trees will be naked for 4-5 months.


5. I successfully baked something without: A. Killing someone, B. Burning Something or C. Altering a recipe. I made Vegan Pumpkin-Molasses Cookies from Peas and Thank You. (photo from Peas and Thank You)


6. I was a Bourbon Chase runner for Halloween.


7. Mowgli sat in the bathtub for a while on Sunday. He also “bathed” while he was in there. I guess he understands the purpose of a tub.


8. My husband has “those moves” like Michael.



9. I added a nifty DailyMile banner to our blog!

Look over to the Right —>

10. After Daniel cleaned out the garden, Mowgli finally found the catnip that we planted in the spring. Happy cat. We also have more tomatoes.



Happy Tuesday!

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