New ‘Do

Hi friends! Just popping in for a quick hello before heading to work! It’s another working weekend for me, but hopefully if the weather is nice on Sunday, us Coopers will be doing something super fun and exciting!

For the past few weeks, I have become increasingly frusturated with my hair. I loved the shorter haircut I got a few months ago, but everything had just grown out and I was constantly pinning back my “bangs”. Yesterday, I did a horrible job of trying to trim my bangs. Needless to say, my hack-job needed fixing, and Great Clips gave me a functional new ‘do. I want to let my hair get longer, so we just kept most of the length, fixed the bangs and added a bit of layer.

It works for now, it’s not the most spectacular haircut I’ve ever had, but it is just what I needed! (And the cut was only $13 before tip, SCORE!)



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