Baby Coop: Weeks 13-15

So apparently I won’t be checking in weekly like I thought I might! I’ll shoot for every 2 weeks, but you might not see me for a span of 3-4 weeks… oh well! Some of these pictures are from week 14, in others I’m closer to 15 weeks pregnant. Yay for being in the second trimester! #secondpregnancyproblems coupled with #toddlermomproblems


These weeks have been super uneventful. I went in for a regular prenatal visit last week & everything looks good. I think I’m up 3lbs? I’m not really sure. I would ask, but I don’t care too much! My belly wasn’t measured (although I feel MUCH bigger than I did at this point with Adeline, but I suppose the below picture doesn’t really show that. I do feel like my belly is lower though!). I still really like going to the doctor, it’s always fun to hear baby!


We will be finding out Baby Coop’s gender on October 6th! I’m so excited! I don’t know that we’ll do any big “Gender Reveal” thing, but I’ll definitely put up a blog post sometime after we find out.


Let’s see, what else is new. Oh, I’ve started e-mailing doulas. Adeline’s birth wasn’t bad experience by any means, but I really wanted to have a natural (drug-free) childbirth. A long labor, very little sleep and lack of support had me begging for an epidural. Don’t get me wrong, Daniel did a great job at supporting me emotionally during my labor, but I NEED someone to tell me how to move, how to RELAX, etc. My mom was able to come up the day I went into labor, but she’s down in Florida now, so I’m not 100% sure that she’ll be able to be here. Even if she is able to come, she’ll probably get Adeline duty :) We decided that hiring a doula would take some of the pressure off of Daniel to be my “labor partner” so that he can be there for emotional (and physical!) support. Anyways, if you’re local to Cincinnati and you’ve used a doula, shoot me their contact info! I have a list of doulas that I found online, but I’m always open to researching more!


Workouts have been ok. Still trying to get to the gym 2x per week to lift some heavier weights. Bending down is starting to get a bit uncomfortable, but it’s no big deal. I hate sneezing at night or when I’m laying down because it pulls on the stretching ligaments in my belly! I’m REALLY hungry in the afternoon/early evening, I feel like I could eat from 2pm-5pm and not feel full. No matter how big my breakfast/lunch/snacks are, I just get hungry around that time! I need to find some better snacks to hold me over (instead of delicious GF animal crackers from Kroger). Adeline LOVES smoothies, so I should probably whip up those for a cool afternoon treat!

That’s all I’ve got! See you next time!

Chatting over Coffee

I love the idea of a virtual coffee date. I’ve seen my friends Char, Brittany and Brittany post their own “virtual meetup” in recent weeks. Can we pretend that it’s cool enough outside to be drinking a nice latte? There’s an awesome local coffee shop down the road that has great outdoor seating, let’s grab a spot in the shade and chat about life!

coffee emporium hyde park


If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that I keep forgetting to do “pregnancy stuff”. Weekly photographs? We were going strong for a while, and then I don’t know what happened. Part of it is that I want to wear the same outfit each time, maybe that’s just unrealistic! Is this just how second pregnancies go?

I’d tell you that toddler/almost-2 age is difficult. Adeline is quite the… determined… child and she lets everyone know. She’s VERY into yelling at other kids who come too close and even swatting/hitting them. We’ve ramped up our discipline but man. I’m just ready for her to understand that hands are for being loving and kind to our friends (and to mommy!) FORTUNATELY, Adeline doesn’t display her hitting behaviors when she is with her nanny. Only when mommy is around (joy!) She’s also just been super unhappy lately. Nothing that we do is right, and it’s quite frustrating. I know I’m not the first parent to ever experience a difficult kiddo, but I want to make sure we’re doing what we can to help her ease through whatever transition she’s going through! Do you have any toddler parenting book recommendations? <– Updated to add- I had some GREAT responses about all of this behavior/meltdown stuff after I posted on Facebook. 2 naps were a common suggestion, so I’ll definitely be testing out the waters of moving back to two naps- even if it’s temporary! This mama wants her happy girl back!

Displaying IMG_20140830_152358733.jpg

I’ll remind you that I don’t understand how I have an ALMOST 2 YEAR OLD daughter! Seriously! She turns 2 in less than a month (Oct. 1)! I’d also start rambling on about how I need to start planning her birthday get-together… I’m thinking it will be pretty darn similar to the playground party we threw last year! Help! What food should I make?!

Displaying IMG_20140829_100716594_HDR.jpgIf we were sipping our lattes slowly (what did you get? I got a decaf soy latte), I’d tell you that we’re thinking about buying a house. Or renting a bigger house. Or just staying put where we are. Daniel and I have lots of deciding/thinking/planning to do. But the funny thing is, we haven’t actually looked at any other places yet. We’re still trying to figure out the whole rent/buy/location/schools thing! When did you buy a house? What did you love and what did you regret?

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’ve been slacking in the exercise department. I’m just not really creating time for it, and therefore, it doesn’t happen! I’d like to get back to the place where exercising is just a normal, mostly everyday thing! If the temperatures would change to FALL this would help (so that we could go for more walks without feeling like death!) Ask me to walk with you in the evenings, please!

I would also tell you how THANKFUL I am for friends and sisters-in-law who lend you maternity clothes! I feel like most people hate maternity clothes, but I seriously think this fall/winter will be the BEST DRESSED that I have ever been! Are you SO EXCITED for fall clothes!?

And then I’d realize that time has flown by and my latte has been long-gone. And I’d thank you for spending your morning with me, and I’d give you a hug (even though I’m totally not a hugger). And then I’d tell you about 365Cincinnati’s list of FREE Events in September! And finally, I’d apologize for all of you reading this post that there were only 3 pictures- 2 of my offspring and 1 random grab from the internetz. So sorry.

What is something YOU would tell me if we were having coffee?

Baby Coop: First Trimester, Second Pregnancy

I had such trouble with titling this post! I blogged about my pregnancy with Adeline using the title “Mini-Cooper”. Although this baby is technically Mini-Coop 2.0, I’m just not as fond of using Mini-Cooper as the reference to this little one growing inside! I think I’ll just title this second pregnancy “series”: Baby Coop!

Due: February 27th

How far along? 12 Weeks

How old will Adeline be when Baby Coop is born? 2 years and 4 months old.

Here’s a photo of Baby Coop from our 9? week dating ultrasound:

Displaying IMG_20140819_211112843_HDR.jpg

I’m quite glad that I had such great “records” of my pregnancy with Adeline. I think it will be fun to look back and see how I was feeling (as a first time mom-to-be) during the various weeks. I don’t want the blog to turn back into a baby-only zone, but, I do hope to put up a weekly recap post! I’m hoping that by getting into the rhythm of posting weekly that I’ll be encouraged to post more often. Posting begets posting? We’ll see…

Just as a quick refresher- our pregnancy with Adeline was… unexpected. As in, we weren’t “trying” to get pregnant, we were preventing (just obviously not well enough!) The news of that pregnancy brought a lot of uncertainty and fear to the surface. Of course, things have been fantastic, and God has absolutely provided for us beyond measure. And, Adeline is a pretty cool little gal! My pregnancy with Adeline was easy- just a bit of morning sickness in the beginning, a touch of hip pain around 20 weeks, and a LONG labor. I praise God for the chance to carry and deliver Adeline, and we are so thankful for the chance to do this again!

Getting my Cycle

We found out we were pregnant in mid June, I think I tested positive around 10 days post ovulation. I had been tracking my basal body temperature since January. I had super inconsistent charts that would possibly indicate ovulation, and then my temps would drop back down again 4-5 days after the spike. With a few solid months of charting under my belt, I decided to wean Adeline from breastfeeding in hopes of getting my cycle back.
We weaned when she was 19.5 months old, and 3 weeks later, I noticed a spike in my temperatures that possibly indicated ovulation. Well, if you know anything about how babies are made, we “timed” it right and found ourselves pregnant. I wasn’t expecting to see a positive on a pregnancy test (especially not at 10dpo), and I almost didn’t believe it since I had seen a handful of negative tests in the months leading up to this one! And, of course, I can’t find any pictures on my phone of the positive tests. P.S. if you’re “trying” for a baby, has great, cheap pregnancy tests!
That means I haven’t had a period since December 2011, right before Adeline was conceived. I won’t lie, I’m pretty stoked to be period-free for 3.5 years (or longer, depending on how long this babe nurses!) 

How I told Daniel

I think I waited 2 days after the initial pregnancy test to tell Daniel, I wanted to make sure it was a real pregnancy and not a chemical pregnancy! It just so happened that our power went out ALL DAY on the second day that I tested, and we decided to grab dinner out that night. I scribbled “we’re pregnant!” on a napkin and slid it inside his menu before he arrived (he was coming straight from work). Sorry for the sloppy photo- I was just trying to get a picture before Daniel came in!
Displaying IMG_20140616_173433003.jpg
Obviously, he wasn’t super surprised that we were pregnant since we had been trying, but we high-fived and tried to tell Adeline that she was going to be a big sister! She was more interested in the chips & salsa though :)

A Comparison

I’m absolutely not going to compare these pregnancies symptom-wise or anything! Just through pictures! I kind of hate to be “that woman”, but this pregnancy has been even easier than Adeline’s. I had a bit of nausea/food aversions during weeks 6, 7 and 8, but it really wasn’t too bad. I had more “morning sickness” with Adeline, but it was cured by eating every couple of hours. This time, I just felt pretty gross/disinterested in food around dinnertime. I didn’t lose weight in the first trimester this time (I think I was -5lbs with Adeline at 12 weeks).

I do think I’m showing earlier, and for space’s sake, I’ll just show you a 12-week comparison! First pregnancy on the left, second pregnancy on the right. You can scroll back and read through all of the old week-by-week pregnancy recaps on the Pregnancy Page.


So, maybe this isn’t a great comparison shot… but I’m definitely thicker feeling all throughout my whole torso, and I already bought some maternity jeans from Old Navy. I feel bigger throughout my hips/low belly, and I only had 1 pair of maternity pants with Adeline. I carried her SO HIGH that all of my pants still fit until the very end. I think I did the rubber band trick during the last few weeks of her pregnancy, but I don’t mind one bit to have pants that feel GOOD!

Here are the other weeks that have passed:

Symptoms (or lack thereof)

  • Salty foods=good. Prepared foods=good. Restaurants=good. Basically, if I didn’t have to cook, it tasted delicious.
  • I didn’t start feeling my chest changing until 10/11 weeks. Weird because this was one of the first symptoms with A!
  • Workouts- eh, here and there. We usually take at least 1 walk each day, and I’ve been wanting to MOOOOVE a lot more recently. I’m loving Fitnessblender for quick workouts that I can do at home. I’m also toting a 20+lb toddler about, so I totally count that as a workout.
  • I layed on the couch A LOT at nights. Actually, I started this “habit” well before I was pregnant. From the hours of 8-10, you’ll find me plopped on the couch. Don’t expect me to move.
  • Less of the ‘overwhelming tiredness’, which I wasn’t expecting, especially since I have a toddler running around. Super thankful for the energy though!

That’s about it! This post wouldn’t be complete without a pic of the soon-to-be big sister! So grown up looking with her ponytail (and keys!)

Displaying IMG_20140728_092739135.jpg

I’m not sure how I’ll format these weekly (or, realistically, bi-weekly) updates. Anything you absolutely want to see?

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