My favorite Prenatal Workouts for this Second Pregnancy

Last pregnancy, I shared my workouts on an almost weekly basis! I had a lot more time back then, and I was often doing more actual workouts that last time around. This time, between working part-time, keeping a house and keeping up with a busy 2-year old, my workouts have been different. I try to get up early on most weekday mornings to move at least a little bit. My workouts have usually been between 20-40 minutes, because I still have things I like to do before Adeline wakes up! Later in the day, Adeline and I try to take Silas, our dog, out for walks. I’m usually trying to let Adeline wear herself out by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, so our walks are more of a slow stroll while she looks at 1,000 things on the ground (including chewed gum, ewww). Hey, at least we’re out moving and not sitting on the couch (which feels SO NICE after 7pm!)

Anyways, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite┬áprenatal workouts so far!

This Prenatal Barre Video was AWESOME. It’s a little bit long, so I split it into 30 mins of arms (the first half of the video) and did the 30 mins of legs on the next day. You don’t need much equipment- just weights (optional, but recommended), a chair (necessary), a ball (optional) and some towels or pillows. I loved that this workout used small, controlled movements. I was feeling the burn, for sure!

Suzanne Bowen Fitness also has a bunch of great workouts. While not labeled as prenatal friendly, I found that I can adapt most workouts to suit my growing belly and dislike of high-impact moves. Here are a few favorites:

Total Body Lift & Tone: this was for really early in pregnancy, lots of ab/core work and planks),

featuredimage copy


Total Body Barre Workout with Weights: I usually did the modifications on this workout, but it was short, sweet and left me shaking!



Thigh Blasting Workout: Short workout, targets thighs. Good for days when you don’t really know what to do. Easy to pair with a simple upper body workout!



If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know that I raved about Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp. I particpated in 2-3 rounds after having Adeline, and Tina kicked my butt! She took a blogging hiatus for a while, but she’s back- and she’s producing great yoga workouts! I literally saw this workout in my blog reader this morning and wanted to try it.

Stand Strong: 20 Minute Power Yoga for Legs: Again, I modified a few things because of my growing belly, but I love a workout that can make me feel the burn in just 20 short minutes. And it was great to “see” Tina again!

Stand Strong


Here are a few other workouts that I found on Pinterest (<– follow me!)

10 min


And finally, I’ve shared about my love for FitnessBlender before, but here are a few of my favorite workouts from this pregnancy:

Kelli’s Superset Total Body Strength Workout

40 Minute Workout for Beginners (low-impact)

Tank Top Arms Workout

┬áBasically, I’ll just search for a low-impact workout on FitnessBlender. Sometimes I’ll specify if I want upper or lower body, and they have so many workouts that I can usually find one that fits the bill!

That’s about all I’ve got! I just wanted to share some of my favorite workouts that I’ve been doing this pregnancy!

See you all soon with an update (we’re at 20 weeks! It’s a girl! Adeline turned 2!)


Baby Coop: Weeks 16-18

This is the new trend. 2-3 weeks at a time, forgetting to take a picture at least one of those weeks. Although, I have a decent excuse for missing week 16′s picture! Daniel is working on a big project at work, so he’s been out of the house really early in the morning, and we’re super lazy in the evenings, so no photo for that week.



We hired a DOULA! We had a meetup with a doula that my friend used, but we just didn’t click. Fortunately, I had a couple of other interviews scheduled. Emily from ERJBaby came over on Wednesday and we absolutely knew that she was the doula for us. She made us both feel so comfortable, and I can tell that her presence and knowledge is going to be amazing to have during labor. I’m really looking forward to our two prenatal appointments- we’re going to be working through some fears and some relaxation techniques. I’m TERRIBLE at relaxing and “letting go”, so even if I don’t use any of this during labor, I’m more than open to expanding my toolkit to handle everyday life a bit better. Daniel is really happy that we chose to work with Emily too. She was passionate about not taking the place of my husband during labor/delivery, but as being a support to us both. I’m just so excited! If you’re in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area and need a doula, I highly recommend Emily. And I’m sure after birth I’ll have even greater things to say :)

Ok, so let’s see, weeks 16-18. The second trimester is just awesome. I don’t feel “huge”, my energy is normal, my appetite is normal, and most days, I don’t really “feel” pregnant. We can feel baby kicks though, which is really fun! Daniel felt baby rolling around a few weeks ago. Pretty neat! The kicks aren’t too frequent, so I haven’t tried to have Adeline feel quite yet. Workouts have been good. I’ve been getting up early to walk with Silas or to do an at-home-workout in the basement. Jumping doesn’t feel so great, but other than that, workouts have been great!

Adeline is CONVINCED that “baby sister” is coming soon. Like, within days soon. She has also been convinced (since the beginning) that it is a baby girl. She constantly asks “Baby sister coming? Mommy nurse baby sister? Ah (Adeline) hole baby sister? Baby sister drink water?” and so on. It’s a bit exhausting, and I kind of hope it is a girl just so we don’t have to try to change what her perceptions are right now. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks if Baby Coop is a he or she!

Here are a few comparison pictures- Can’t really tell much of a difference with the 17 week one because of the different clothing choices, but for week 18, I do think I look bigger (or lower?) this time around!

17WeeksCompare 18WeeksComparePretty cool to look back and see those photos!

On another note, this little girl turns TWO on Wednesday!


If you’re wondering why her hand was up to her mouth, it’s because she was downing a Trader Joe’s dark peanut butter cup (YUM!) For less mess, freeze them and then cut them in 1/2 or quarters. But how big is she!?

IMG_9479This would have been a framable pic if it weren’t for the chocolate smeared all over her face. But this totally captures Adeline’s childhood thus far- messy hair, food on her face, and Daddy’s eyes.

Baby Coop: Weeks 13-15

So apparently I won’t be checking in weekly like I thought I might! I’ll shoot for every 2 weeks, but you might not see me for a span of 3-4 weeks… oh well! Some of these pictures are from week 14, in others I’m closer to 15 weeks pregnant. Yay for being in the second trimester! #secondpregnancyproblems coupled with #toddlermomproblems


These weeks have been super uneventful. I went in for a regular prenatal visit last week & everything looks good. I think I’m up 3lbs? I’m not really sure. I would ask, but I don’t care too much! My belly wasn’t measured (although I feel MUCH bigger than I did at this point with Adeline, but I suppose the below picture doesn’t really show that. I do feel like my belly is lower though!). I still really like going to the doctor, it’s always fun to hear baby!


We will be finding out Baby Coop’s gender on October 6th! I’m so excited! I don’t know that we’ll do any big “Gender Reveal” thing, but I’ll definitely put up a blog post sometime after we find out.


Let’s see, what else is new. Oh, I’ve started e-mailing doulas. Adeline’s birth wasn’t bad experience by any means, but I really wanted to have a natural (drug-free) childbirth. A long labor, very little sleep and lack of support had me begging for an epidural. Don’t get me wrong, Daniel did a great job at supporting me emotionally during my labor, but I NEED someone to tell me how to move, how to RELAX, etc. My mom was able to come up the day I went into labor, but she’s down in Florida now, so I’m not 100% sure that she’ll be able to be here. Even if she is able to come, she’ll probably get Adeline duty :) We decided that hiring a doula would take some of the pressure off of Daniel to be my “labor partner” so that he can be there for emotional (and physical!) support. Anyways, if you’re local to Cincinnati and you’ve used a doula, shoot me their contact info! I have a list of doulas that I found online, but I’m always open to researching more!


Workouts have been ok. Still trying to get to the gym 2x per week to lift some heavier weights. Bending down is starting to get a bit uncomfortable, but it’s no big deal. I hate sneezing at night or when I’m laying down because it pulls on the stretching ligaments in my belly! I’m REALLY hungry in the afternoon/early evening, I feel like I could eat from 2pm-5pm and not feel full. No matter how big my breakfast/lunch/snacks are, I just get hungry around that time! I need to find some better snacks to hold me over (instead of delicious GF animal crackers from Kroger). Adeline LOVES smoothies, so I should probably whip up those for a cool afternoon treat!

That’s all I’ve got! See you next time!

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