Josephine: Months 3 and 4

After FINALLY getting Josephine’s 1 month and 2 month updates up, I thought I’d play catch up and write about her third and fourth months. Because she’s 5 months old now and I’m super behind. Oy.¬†These past few months have absolutely flown by. I barely remember the tiny, squishy baby days. She has been a really relaxed, content baby from the beginning, so I think part of the reason the newborn days are tough to recall is because, well, they weren’t that tough. I had a few weeks right after Josie was born that I felt really tired, but I can’t really say we’ve experienced newborn sleep depravation this time around.

IMG_0275I have been trying to savor my time with Josie because, honestly, I don’t get to spend much time with her. Sure, she has needs, but she’s a pretty chill kid, and Adeline’s needs are often much more apparent (and LOUDER) than Josie’s. Josephine has started to fuss and make noises when she’s alone in a room, and I have a feeling she’s only going to get better at getting our attention in the coming months ūüėČ But middle of the night feedings don’t seem so bad because it’s a chance I get to snuggle my littlest one without interruption. Actually, I wish I sometimes had the chance to spend some quiet, cuddly time with Adeline. That one is always on the go!


Anyways, back to Josephine.


3 Months:
10lb 1oz (3%)

4 Months:
10lb 11oz (1%)
24in (25%)

There isn’t usually a 3 month appointment, but we got to go back for a few shots. I asked to have Josephine weighed because she had fallen from the 5% to 2% in weight from her 1 to 2 month checkup. I’m really glad she increased her weight percentile a little bit from 2-3 months.¬†But at her 4 month appointment, she was only 10lb 15oz (1%). She was long and lean. I’m thinking she was in a “getting long phase”. Her little cheeks are filling out- they are perfectly kissable. Daniel and I joke that they’re like marshmallows right now- nice and soft, and just about the size of a regular marshmallow! The doctor wasn’t concerned at all that she’s dropping a little bit in her weight percentiles, especially since she jumped in height (from 10% at 2 months up to 25% at 4 months). We’re spacing out some vaccinations, so we’ll go back at 5 months and I’ll have her weighed then too.



I mentioned in the 1 and 2 month update, but this little girl is quite a different nurser than Adeline. Josephine has a pretty thick frenulum, which gives her an upper lip tie. So, her top lip doesn’t flare out like it should when she nurses, instead, it tucks in. Her bottom lip also tends to tuck in, although it sometimes flares out as it should. She never really caused me much discomfort, and she’s getting milk even though she has a less than perfect latch. It does make me wonder about her slower weight gain (but then again, Adeline was ALWAYS hungry and chunked up quickly). That’s another huge difference with the two girls and our breastfeeding relationships. Josephine is NOT always hungry. She’ll actually refuse to nurse if she’s not ready. Adeline was always ready to eat and I’m pretty sure she never pushed me away when I offered to nurse.


Josie got better at tummy time during these months. She never really hated it, but she is really getting stronger. In her 4th month, she learned to roll from her belly to her back. And actually, a few weeks before she turned 5 months, she rolled from her back to her belly! These months have been ALL ABOUT her feet! We went back to swaddling her for naps and for bedtime because her little hands just want to hold onto her feet all the time! She seems to sleep better in the swaddle too, especially since she can’t whack herself in the face. She’s a fan of the one-arm swaddle. We’re using the Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps (with the velcro), they keep everything nice and snug!



We definitely hit a bit of a 4 month sleep regression. Naps have been pretty good (knock on wood), but it’s funny, because I don’t really care about her naps all that much. She’s a really content baby, whereas Adeline would be quite a mess if she napped for a short time or if she missed a nap. Maybe that’s the difference? Adeline was picky about sleep, and Josephine just isn’t as particular about her zzz’s. Anyways, nighttime sleep went a little wonky. We were putting Josie down around 8p, doing just 1 wakeup per night around 1/2am, and then another feeding around 5/6am. Right around 4 months, she seemed to have a harder time getting to bed. I would usually get her down around 8 or 9, and then she would need to nurse around 11, 2 and 5. I go to bed at 10, so that was another wakeup for me. I think the “worst” night we had, she was up every 2 hours. She went back down to sleep fairly easily, we had one night with a lot of pacifier replacements, but I can’t complain too much.

(Just for fun, a comparison pic of Adeline and Josephine at 4 months)


Likes and Dislikes

This child really doesn’t have any strong dislikes! She doesn’t really care for when Adeline is having a noisy tantrum (I don’t blame her). She doesn’t like being sleepy, but she usually goes down to sleep pretty fast. She’ll let you know when she’s ready! She became so much more alert in these past 2 months. She seems to love watching the activity around her, and she seems to be moving quite a bit. She’s not ALWAYS moving, but she would do a mini-bridge when she was on her playmat playing on her back, scooting herself backwards. She rolled both ways much sooner (and much more often) than Adeline did. She really likes Adeline, and she gets a big grin when Adeline starts talking to her.

Adeline loves seeing Josephine grin, so she’ll turn up the intensity (and volume) to whatever she’s saying/singing to her sister. Sometimes, it turns into a mess of yell-singing and laughing and nothing that comes out of Adeline’s mouth is understandable. But they both love it. Josie likes hearing herself talk too. I think one reason she stays up later at night is so that she can have some solo-mommy/daddy time after Adeline is in bed. One of us will hang out with her while the other tidies the house, and this is usually the time when Josephine is the most vocal! But, she’s not ALWAYS happy, as this photo so wonderfully captures :)


Josephine: Months 1 and 2

I anticipated getting Josie’s one month update up, and then I was hoping that maybe I’d get her two month update posted, but here we are at the beginning of June (and over 3mo old)¬†and I have yet to do either. This update will most likely serve to be my own reminder of what our sweet little girl was like in the early months. Sorry most of these are Instagram pics, and the details about each month are VERY hazy.

Month 1
Josie slept a lot and we got better at nursing (she has a pretty thick frenulum (lip tie) and her bottom lip tucks in- aka her latch is not awesome at all, but it doesn’t cause me any discomfort and she gets milk efficiently).

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.52.46 PM

We went to the chiropractor three times in her first month. Dr. Heather Iannelli¬†at the Children’s Family Chiropractic Center¬†is so great! Josie was born with her left arm up near her head, and her left shoulder seemed a little “floppy”. Dr. Ianelli gently worked on her shoulder a bit and it definitely felt less loosey-goosey. She also helped her jaw to loosen up a bit and that helped her to open her mouth a bit more for better nursing. I don’t know that we will continue regular visits because of the cost, but I do think that her few visits helped! And chiropractic adjustments for babies are nothing like adult adjustments- Dr. Iannelli even has a video on her site of a baby being adjusted.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.56.05 PM

Josie was 6lb 5oz at birth. She was 7lb 8oz and 20.5in long. That put her in the 5% for weight and the 10% for height. In contrast, Adeline was 9lb 10oz at 1 month (same length). Here’s a shot of both girls at 2 weeks, Adeline on the left, Josie on the right!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.53.34 PM

Big Sister
We had two really easy weeks with Adeline, followed by two REALLY REALLY rough weeks with Adeline. I’m pretty sure she hated me, although she couldn’t tell me. Tantrums left and right. Throwing food, hitting me. Lots of screaming & crying. *shudder* But then, things started to smooth out. Yeah, those two weeks are not anything I want to relive again. My mom was here on Adeline’s worst day, she was just a mess. Our nanny, Sydney, even took Adeline out one morning and she was a mess for her too. I felt so bad (and so frustrated), but the incessant screaming, hitting and frustration did end.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.58.34 PM

Two Months

Still lots of sleeping, but Josie started “waking up” a little more. She started getting a bit more predictable with her daily routine, you could read Adeline’s 1 month or 2 month updates and basically substitute in Josephine’s name. So far, they are pretty similar babies. Well, pretty similar in schedules. Adeline was ALWAYS ready to nurse, and Josie will push me away if she doesn’t want to eat right then. Josephine never really had a “witching hour” though (which Daniel and I are extremely grateful about!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.57.55 PM

Josie started sleeping through the night (aka a 6-7hr stretch) this month. She would go down around 6/7p and wake at midnight and around 3am to nurse. She went right back down most nights after feeding, so that was great. We tried a bottle for the first time around 10 weeks and she wanted nothing to do with it. She’s just not a huge eater and her gag reflex seems to be pretty far forward on her tongue. We introduced a paci sometime in the first month, and she doesn’t like the Soothie/wubbanub like Adeline used because I think it’s just too long for her, but she takes the Avent pacifiers just fine!


Josie weighed in at 8lb 13oz (2%) and is 21 inches long (10%). I was worried because her weight percentile dropped from 5% to 2%, but the doctor didn’t seem concerned at all. She doesn’t seem lethargic or anything, and she’s having plenty of wet and dirty diapers. She’s just a peanut I suppose! I think you can really see the difference in how quickly Adeline chunked up in this 2 month comparison shot (Adeline on the left, Josie on the right). Adeline was already at 10+lbs at 2 months, and I think the biggest difference is in her round face and chunkier legs :)

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.57.07 PM

Big Sister

Adeline always asked “where is Josie? Is she awake?” in the mornings, which was really sweet. I think she was getting used to the idea of Josie being around. We wore Josephine in carriers quite often, but I think during this month is when Adeline would ask us to put her in the Ergo or to hold her more. I totally understand that! We were back into our regular activities¬†as I felt more recovered (and honestly, we were more than a little stir-crazy)

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.57.32 PM

Adeline really likes laying down on the playmat with Jos, and it’s fun to see them “interact” a bit. The weather started to warm up a bit (it was April), so it was nice to just go out on the front porch and hang outside with both girls as an activity.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.56.35 PM

That’s a really rough, choppy recollection of the first two months, but SO much happened between visitors, meals from friends and adjusting to life with two that I can’t remember much else! The transition from 1 to two hasn’t been too tough (on me), but I know Daniel has picked up a lot of Adeline’s care, especially in the first month or two. I’m extremely grateful for all of his help, and from the help of our family and friends! Get ready for the 3 month update to come SOON! Hopefully I can remember a bit more in this next update ūüėČ

Josephine Ameila: a Birth Story

Friday, February 20th started out as a typical day. Adeline’s friend, Evie, came over Friday morning while her mom took her baby brother to the doctor. The girls played with play doh while I bounced on my exercise ball & made ‘snakes’ for them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.17.02 AM

After Evie left, Adeline and I went to the BMV to get a new drivers license because I had lost mine a few weeks earlier. Since moving to Cincinnati a little over 2.5yrs ago, I’ve had 3 licenses. (I’m hanging my head in shame). Anyways, the trip to the BMV went smoothly and we headed home for lunch and a nap. I threw dinner in the crock pot after Adeline went down for her nap, and then I crashed on the couch for at least an hour. I had shoveled the snow during naptime twice earlier in the week, so I was ready for a day of just snoozing on the couch :) It was one week until my due date.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 7.54.57 AM

When Adeline woke up, we headed out Crossroads Church¬†to play in their indoor playground to get out of the house on this cold and dreary day. Adeline wasn’t too interested in playing with the other kids, so we did laps around the building and we went up and down¬†many¬†stairs. We headed home around 5p because there was a winter storm headed our way and I was pretty excited about that crock pot dinner (pork roast). Daniel was already home we got back, and I let him and Adeline hang out while I¬†took a bath. I had been really cold and just kind of achy all day (after not being cold this entire winter because¬†pregnancy¬†makes you HOT.) We all enjoyed dinner together and we hung out in Adeline’s bedroom for a while before bedtime. I chose to put Adeline down that night, and the thought crossed my mind that¬†this might be the last time I put her down to bed before the baby arrives. It was a strange thought though, because I still felt really “normal” and I was convinced I would go to at least 40 weeks or even beyond.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 4.00.14 PM

After Adeline was down, Daniel ran out to the store to get a part for our diaper sprayer and I watched TV while bouncing on my ball for a while. Around 8pm, I noticed I was having a few contractions. I downloaded a¬†contraction timer app, but I really didn’t think they would lead to anything. They were lasting about 30 seconds, and they were spaced about 5 minutes apart. Daniel got home¬†around 9p and the contractions had picked up a little bit. I didn’t want to tell Daniel yet about the contractions, just in case they didn’t lead to anything. I didn’t need to breathe through them yet, but they definitely felt different than the few Braxton Hicks contractions I had been having over the past 2 or 3 weeks. We played a card game for a while and¬†I bounced on the ball. I was still timing contractions, but I was trying to be discrete about it while we were playing Phase 10. Before we headed to bed at 10, I finally told Daniel¬†that i had been having contractions for the past 2 hours, but that I wasn’t sure that they were leading to anything. I texted my friend (and neighbor) Kaitlyn to let her know that I was starting to have contractions, and to ask if her husband¬†could come over to watch Adeline if this was the real deal.¬†I also texted our Doula,¬†Emily,¬†and she suggested drinking a big glass of water before heading to bed to see if that slowed things down at all.

The contractions continued even after getting into bed, and they even started to pick up a little bit. I was needing¬†to breathe through them a little bit, so I wasn’t really resting. After being in bed for about an hour (and not sleeping a wink), I had to use the restroom. When I got to the bathroom, I noticed that my underwear was a little bit wet. And, sure enough, when I sat down on the toilet, my water broke! Not a huge gush, more like a half cup or less.¬†I put on a gigantic pad, grabbed a towel from the hall closet and told Daniel that my water had broken and that we were definitely having a baby soon! He jumped out of bed and started getting things ready (his hospital bag, snacks for the hospital, etc).

I texted¬†Emily¬†(our doula) to let her know that my water had broken! She told me to keep her updated, and by 11:30p (just a half hour after my water had broken), it was apparent that labor was progressing. I asked¬†her to come on over, and I¬†called my mom (she lives in Louisville) to see if she could come on up to stay with Adeline. Remember, this was the night we were expected to get 5+ inches of snow, so I was worried that the roads might be too bad for her to come up. She left almost immediately and headed up our way. We let Kaitlyn & Ryan know that things were definitely moving in “baby” direction, and that we would keep them posted. We also called my doctor, Dr. Bowen, just to let him know that we would be having a baby soon! He seemed completely un-phased (I mean, the man delivers TONS of babies)¬†and let us know that he would be at the hospital at 9am for a training session or something like that. When I told Emily that, she said “well I hope he can get there sooner, because I don’t think we’ll make it to 9am!”

Emily,¬†got here around midnight, and I had been laboring around the house while I gathered up a few last minute things (camera, clean clothes from the basement, etc). I remember contemplating taking a shower before she arrived, but the contractions were definitely hitting soon after one another, and I was kind of afraid that I wouldn’t want to get out of the shower when we needed to head to the hospital. When Emily got here, we set up camp in the dining room. I was on the exercise ball (with a towel underneath me) and I would lean over and rest my elbows and forehead on the table while I was having a contraction. Rocking my hips on the ball felt the best during a contraction, and I was RELIEVED to not have the awful “leg/thigh contractions” that I had with Adeline. I started to get¬†really¬†cold so Emily piled blankets on my lap and turned on a little heater at my feet. Even with the extra layers and the heater, I was shaking quite a bit (which I guess is common in labor?). More water started leaking¬†out and the contractions intensified.¬†Daniel was making hospital snacks in the kitchen, and I remember almost yelling at him because the sound of him washing the pot he used to hard boil some eggs was incredibly distracting. But, I still had enough presence to ask Emily to close the door between the kitchen and dining room instead of lashing out at my husband.

Speaking. This was one of the many things that was quite different from my labor with Adeline. I COULD NOT answer questions during contractions. I remember thinking about my answers to questions, but for the life of me, I could not put a sentence together until after the wave had subsided. It was pretty strange to know what you want to say but to not be able to put words together. If I did speak during a contraction, it was usually one or two words yelled out. Just a random fact from this birth that I wanted to remember :)

Anyways, we eventually moved to standing during contractions once my legs stopped shaking from being chilly and by that time, we all sense that we needed to head to the hospital. This was around 1am. Daniel called my mom to see how much further she had, and the snow was definitely slowing down her trip. She had another 30 minutes, and we definitely needed to head to the hospital before then. Daniel then texted Ryan and he came over immediately to stay with (sleeping) Adeline until my mom arrived. I remember that Daniel warmed up the car, and Emily was helping me get to the car with my cup of water and a bowl (because I had wanted to puke a few times, but hadn’t yet). I said a quick hi to Ryan and had a contraction in the garage before getting into the car. It was sleeting outside and I think we left for the hospital around 1:15am. In the car, I was immediately frustrated that I couldn’t recline my seat because the baby’s carseat was behind my chair. I wrapped a blanket around my eyes to block out extra light/sound (and, honestly, so that I wouldn’t worry about driving/weather conditions).

Sitting in the car for the 30 minutes that it took to get to Bethesda North Hospital honestly wasn’t as bad as it was with Adeline’s labor. My contractions slowed down, so I think I only had 4 or 5 contractions in the car. We arrived at the hospital and I shuffled down the hall, having contractions every so often. *Side note: it’s strange how SLOW I was moving. I felt bad for Emily and Daniel because they were moving at a snail’s pace and they had to keep stopping every 20 feet for me to work through the pain.* The contractions¬†started to pick up again once I was out of the car and moving around. I think I had one really big contraction in the hallway on the way to triage and a LOT of water came out with that one. I remember being upset because my pants were now soaked, and there was a random puddle of my fluid in the hallway. I think I was asked 2 or 3 times if I wanted a wheelchair, but that was the LAST thing in the world I wanted- no thank you! During a contraction, I would put my hands on Daniel’s shoulders and he would support and¬†hold me by my elbows and upper arms while I bent my legs and swayed with the pain. I’m incredibly thankful that Emily captured this photo of us laboring at the hospital. Daniel did an amazing job at being my labor partner!! Check out my outfit- Track pants with Toms and a winter coat. #winning

Labor Bethesa North

We finally got to Labor & Delivery at Bethesda North around 2am where we had to check in. The nurse kept asking questions, and like I mentioned before, I had a hard time answering them until I had a break in between contractions. I went back to triage alone (Daniel & Emily weren’t allowed to come until it was clear that neither abused me or made me feel uncomfortable). I wanted to puke a few times back in the triage room because I swear it was 1,000 degrees in there. Ugh. I changed into the scratchy gown (THANKFULLY, I left my sports bra on in the midst of changing because there was no way I was going to be swimming in that huge, itchy gown) and the nurse got me hooked up to monitors and got my Hep-Lock in my hand. Thankfully, she waited until I was in between contractions to put in the Hep-Lock and to give me my first internal exam. I asked to NOT be told how far along I was (she could tell Emily and Daniel). I didn’t really want to be discouraged by numbers.

After I was admitted, we walked down the hall to the delivery room and just kept laboring there. We were able to have intermittent monitoring, but man, those monitors are irritating. You’ve got this big ace-bandage like thing wrapped around your belly to hold 2 different monitors in place- one for the baby’s heartbeat, one to measure contractions. I only had to be “on” the monitors for 20min at a time, but those were some annoying chunks of time because the nurses had to keep repositioning the monitors while I was just trying to labor! I ditched that itchy gown and we labored on the exercise ball for a while, but I think I spent most of my time standing, with Daniel across the bed from me, I would squat down and grip onto his hands/forearms while swaying with the contraction. Emily sat on a ball behind me so that I could sit on her lap in between contractions. She rubbed my back while she and Daniel both encouraged me. I may have peed a little bit on her shoes at one point because I didn’t think I could make it to the bathroom between contractions. #TMI

Eventually, we did move into the bathroom (I think we sent Daniel down to the lobby to get something to eat) and I labored on the toilet for a while. It felt really good to sit backwards on the toilet, but I just couldn’t get comfortable because of the huge, cold water pipes that were not so comfortable to rest on between waves. I got into the tub at one point, and using the hand sprayer to aim the water on my belly was really nice, but the rest of my body was freezing. Emily put a towel on my back and we would spray that with the warm water when I had a break between contractions. Emily had set up flameless candles around the tub, and it was so calm and dark in there. I wish I had a photo! I moved on top of the bed to labor on my hands and knees some more. I was actually laboring in more of a “child’s pose” position this time because it made things a bit less intense. I remember noticing that it was light outside, but I didn’t have a concept of time. I kept waiting to feel completely out of control and ridiculous (like many people describe “transition” feeling), but it never came. I was doing lots of low moans during the contractions, and I think I made some pretty strange noises during the whole ordeal. My voice was hoarse for a few days after the birth!

I had¬†started¬†to feel some pressure¬†while I was¬†in the tub and it had only increased as I was on the bed, so we thought it might be a good idea to have an internal check. This was at 9am. It didn’t feel like we had been at the hospital for 7 hours already, time flies when you’re having fun ūüėČ The nurse checked me and said I was at 7.5cm. The nurse couldn’t quite tell what position the baby was in either. At some point in the past¬†hour or two, after a REALLY hard contraction, Emily had told me that I had arrived at the hospital at a 7 (which was extremely exciting to know that I had gone from 0-7cm at home)!!! So, knowing that I had only progressed MAYBE half of a centimeter in 7 hours was enough for me.

I looked at Daniel and said “Can I get an epidural?” And he said that I could do whatever I wanted to, and that I was doing a great job. I told Daniel, Emiliy and the nurse that I was ready for an epidural.¬†I felt as if I had labored really well and I was ready to rest for¬†the next hunk of time before our little girl came¬†into the world. The contractions before the anesthesiologist arrived were brutal. Not just because I knew “relief” was on the way, but they were intense, but not quite in the same way as the other contractions. Daniel and Emily never skipped a beat- they continued encouraging me and supporting me the whole time! I received 2 bags of fluids and the anesthesiologist came and started his thing. Let me tell you, sitting on the bed, hugging a pillow is NOT the most comfortable position to work through a contraction, but that’s how you have to sit when the¬†epidural is placed. Finally, he was finished and I got positioned in the bed. However, I did NOT feel immediate relief (unlike my experience with an epidural during Adeline’s birth). I had a hard time with the contractions when I was flat on my back. That was NOT the position I wanted to be in, yet that’s how I had to be because of the epidural. After 4 or 5 contractions, the Anesthesiologist gave me a “second dose” or some booster or something like that and FINALLY I started feeling relief. But then my blood pressure dipped, so they had to put something else into my Hep-Lock, but I haven’t a clue as to what that was.

With subsequent contractions, relief flooded my body. We got into that awkward side-lying position so that we could encourage the baby to move down the birth canal while I rested. I think we spent 1 hour on the right and then another hour on the left. Soon enough,¬†the baby monitor showed that it was time to push. This was around 11am. Dr. Bowen came in and gave me an internal check, I was at 10cm, but the baby was face up and kind of looking up towards my right hip. Dr. Bowen reached up and turned the baby so that she was head down. I started pushing (which is really weird to do when you don’t have any sensation), and within 2 contractions, our little girl entered the world. Dr. Bowen had on glasses, and it was really cool to see just enough of my sweet girl being born (without the full-on display of a big mirror). Our little girl came out with a head of dark hair and her left hand on her face (which may have caused her to be “stuck” for so long).

First look at my little girl

First look at my little girl

I got lots of praise for doing such good pushing (especially with an epidural), so that’s cool. A skill that is totally useless in this world, unless you’re birthing a baby ūüėČ She was immediately placed on my chest and we spent a long time oohing and awwing over her.


She had a super cheesy, vernix-coated back. She barely made a peep and was just calm on my chest with her eyes wide open. Dr. Bowen delivered my placenta and the nurses put it in a bag so that another local doula, Molly Murray, could come and pick it up to encapsulate it for me.

Cincinnati Placenta Encapsulation

I didn’t have any tearing with this birth (which has made a WORLD of difference in my recovery!) We just hung out with our daughter for quite a while.


We named her- Josephine Amelia Cooper- and spent some time soaking in this new life. After Josephine nursed for the first time (between not being able to move my legs and forgetting how newborn nursing works- it was pretty awkward), Daniel held his second daughter for the first time.


We were itching to tell our friends and family that we had a baby (a week early!) but I wouldn’t let Daniel send out a text without her stats. Josie was weighed and measured- 6lb 5.5oz and 19.5 inches long. She had her footprints made and she was bundled up and brought back over to us.

wpid-wp-1427202125558.jpeg wpid-wp-1427202137500.jpeg

Our second daughter entered the world on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 11:20am.


Just 12 hours after my water broke. It was a beautiful birth. It was hard, it was lovely, it was taxing and oh-so-rewarding. I am incredibly thankful that I decided to get an epidural, it gave us a bit of time to recharge before welcoming our daughter into this world. I can’t thank Emily enough for her support, guidance, encouragement and presence during the birth. She never took center stage, and she always let Daniel have the chance to be my supporter. Daniel and I both felt supported and encouraged, and I think Daniel appreciated the guidance and suggestions (and the chance to refuel). If we decide to have another baby, we’re absolutely using Emily again as our doula!

We are so thrilled to be a family of four! No one was able to visit on the day that Josie was born because the roads were pretty bad, but it was nice to have a bit of time alone. Adeline came the next day to meet her new baby sister and I met her and my mom in the hospital lobby to bring them upstairs. Adeline thought that the gift shop was my room at first, and she was thrilled at the possibility of having ALL of the things inside. Adeline didn’t quite know what to think about Josephine, but she was a good sport!


It was great seeing Adeline though after not seeing her for an entire day. She managed to leave her mark with a trail of popcorn and crayons scattered all around our room though ūüėČ


We are thrilled to be a family of four, thanks for sticking around to read that novel!

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