Baby Coop: Weeks 25-29

Oh boy, the holidays sure have been busy and it’s not even Christmas (yet)! Let’s see if I can even find pictures of these weeks that have FLOWN past!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.05.57 PM

(25 weeks, before we moved)

I’m officially in the 3rd trimester. I think I might be in a bit of denial that this baby will be here in less than 12 weeks (and that’s if I go 2 weeks over my “due date”). Adeline and I were “talking” in the car today and it absolutely hit me that our time as just mommy & Adeline is coming to a close. Of course, we’ll still have time together (and I love doing mommy/Adeline dates), but it’s all just feeling a bit more “real” lately. I think actually looking pregnant has helped the reality sink in, but I do think that our recent move + the holidays has kind of pushed thoughts of who this baby girl might be to the back burner.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.06.13 PM

(27 weeks, sometime after Thanksgiving and our move!)

Weight: Up 12 lbs. I think? I’m guessing I’ll gain a little more than the 15 I did with Adeline :)
It’s scary to count down the weekends- we only have 10 weeks (+2, possibly) before baby girl is here! Holy cow! Check out this photo that we had taken at church this weekend. Adeline KILLS me in this photo! So much adorableness!


Settling into our new house has gone well. Adeline LOVES the house, and she runs laps down our hallway. I think she can appreciate the extra space. I’ve been a bit frustrated by this growing belly because I just cannot move things as easily as I used to. I mean, I suppose that’s normal and all, but getting rooms organized has been a little bit hard when I have to rely on Daniel to move big boxes. The house is coming together- no photos on the walls and we haven’t really put any effort into decorating yet, but that will come with time! Furniture is in the correct room, and things are finding their place throughout the house. Baby girl’s room is a work in progress- right now there’s a dresser and a twin bed (for Christmas guests), but not much else! I’m hoping to make a few pieces of artwork like I did for Adeline’s baby room before this girl arrives!


(28 weeks)

I’m trying to think of anything else pregnancy-related that I want to note… Oh! I definitely feel the weight of our little girl now. I noticed feeling the same thing at about 28/29 weeks with Adeline, too. I think baby is supposed to weigh 2-2.5lbs, and when she sits a certain way, it just feels like a little weight in my lower belly! I don’t feel like I noticed the gradual increase in weight, but now that she’s got a bit of heft, it’s just a different feeling. I haven’t been sleeping awesomely at night, I feel like my mind has trouble shutting off in the evening and then my body is ready to go really early. But, I don’t feel tired, so I’m trying to take advantage of the morning energy to get in some workouts and some ALONE time!


(29 Weeks)

I’m starting to be able to tell if I had a really active day at the end of the day. I’m usually on the couch (on the computer) after Adeline goes to bed because my body just kind of feels tired. I’ll get up to prep lunches or finish some housework, but usually, my feet are up and I’m glued here :) Let’s just say I’m savoring the quiet evenings that we currently have!

I really want to write this new baby a little letter, so I’m hoping to have a spark of inspiration soon. I remember writing little notes to Adeline in my pregnancy recaps last time, and I’d like to make sure this little girl has at least a couple. She is going to change our family, but we’re very much looking forward to meeting her and welcoming her in to our little world :)

Lately: Fall 2014

As I mentioned in my latest Baby Coop update, this fall has just been flying by! I thought I’d take a few minutes to sit down and recap some of the things that we’ve done since the end of summer!

What We’ve Been Eating

Slow Cooker Moroccan Chickpea & Turkey Stew (gluten-free) from Skinnytaste

Skinnytaste Moroccan Chickpea stew

This was SO GOOD! Super easy to prep, too! You could absolutely leave out the turkey & sub vegetable broth for a totally vegan meal. I swapped in about 1tsp dried adobo chile for the fresh poblano chiles, but you could also probably use 1tsp dried chili powder there too! Adeline liked this as well, it was so flavorful with the coriander, turmeric and chile! I also sautéed some zucchini and added it in just before serving (I didn’t want it to get mushy),

Saweet Potato Casserole w/Crunchy Topping (gluten-free and vegan) from Oh She Glows

Saweet Potato Casserole Oh She Glows(photo from Oh She Glows)

This was pretty good. This casserole can stand as a side dish instead of dessert, there’s not much sugar in there! It was definitely lacking in some richness, so next time, I may take the suggested advice on Oh She Glows and add some canned coconut milk to the sweet potato mixture before baking. The topping was good, although I think baking the oat and nut mixture before hand (more like making a granola) would ensure that it gets REALLY crunchy! We all ate this without complaining, though :)

The Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies by Heart Beet Kitchen

Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies | heartbeet kitchen(photo from HeartBeetKitchen)

My mom passed along some Cup4Cup gluten-free flour, and I really wanted to bake some chocolate chip cookies. These cookies were WAY too good. I’m guessing a pound or two of the weight I’ve put on in the past few months came from these cookies :) Let’s hope I’m not creating a little “cookie monster” inside my belly!

Winter Minestrone by Ina Garten


Did anyone else ever watch Ina on the Food Network? Her show kind of drove me crazy, but this recipe is awesome. This minestrone has butternut squash, along with tons of other veggies. I used the America’s Test Kitchen Slow-Cooker Minestrone recipe to adapt this recipe to being made in the slow-cooker. Basically, you cook off your bacon/pancetta, sauté your veggies, and add in your DRAINED canned tomatoes, and you cook those down until barely any liquid remains. This helps the canned tomatoes to taste richer and less “tinny”, and it intensifies the flavor of the veggies! We left out the ditalini pasta, and we didn’t serve it with the garlic bruchetta (although I’m SURE that would be delicious!)

Granola from Blissful Eats


My blog-friend, Nicole, has an awesome granola company called Blissful Eats. I won an Instagram giveaway, and Nicole graciously sent me a bag of their NEW Apple Cinnamon Harvest Granola to try! This was the first paleo granola I’ve ever had- no grains! It’s chock full of pumpkin seeds, fruit, spices and coconut. SUPER DELICIOUS! She also sent along some Honey Blueberry Granola (made with GF oats) some Maple Nut Crunch granola- they both ROCKED! I’ll definitely be purchasing some in the future!! I hear they’re putting together some Holiday Gift Packs, I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for when those are revealed!

What Adeline has been up to

Well, we celebrated this special girl’s 2nd birthday! We were hoping to recreate last years’ outdoor birthday bash, but the weather was cruel and COLD. We ended up moving the party indoors after nearly freezing our toddlers at the playground. I have one measly photo from her birthday. Our current apartment does NOT have adequate lighting for inside photographs (especially in the evening!)


The grandparents all chipped in to buy Adeline (and all future children) this awesome play kitchen! It’s a KidKraft kitchen, and it looks like it will stand the test of time! Adeline is absolutely in love with “cooking”, it’s the first thing she asks to do when she wakes up (until she remembers that she is HUNGRY!)


We went pumpkin picking, which happened to fall at the end of a difficult week. Adeline had a rough week- she was just extremely upset all the time, and nothing that we did was right. Of course, this challenging week also coincided with Daniel’s “staycation”, so we were both pushed to our limits with a fussy and clingy toddler. You would think that having 2 parents around during the difficult weeks would make things easier, but instead, we were both just WORN OUT by the end of that week! Pumpkin picking was fun, over all, but life is hard when a pumpkin is just too big for you to carry. #toddlerproblems

wpid-img_20141023_144037279.jpg wpid-img_20141023_143927422.jpg

Pumpkin painting was a MUCH better experience than the picking. We happened to have a REALLY warm day, so I stripped Adeline down to her diaper and we set out to create some pretty pumpkins! We still have them on our porch, and Adeline will usually mention either painting them, or about how one of the stems fell off after the dog knocked the pumpkin down the front steps.



We had a great time trick-or-treating. Adeline borrowed a pumpkin costume from her little friend, Lydia. She was in LOVE with getting a treat at each house! However, she was NOT in love with getting her photo taken. I think we only ended up letting her have 2 Reese’s cups and a lollipop or two over the course of the past few weeks. The rest of the loot went to mommy and daddy :)

wpid-wp-1415649702107.jpeg wpid-wp-1415649691900.jpeg

We’ve been trying to spend a lot of time outdoors before the weather gets icky, and we went on a hike at Ault Park a few weeks back. Adeline had a blast dropping leaves off of this little bridge into the creek below. We’ve also been having lots of fun sending leaves and acorns down the slide at parks!






We’ve also been squeezing in some family time where we can. We usually take a family walk (or hike) on the weekends, and I think we’ve just enjoyed being all together lately. I’m glad we snapped this selfie when we were at the pumpkin patch! And then there’s the whole “we bought a house” thing, we’re set to close on November 24th, so hopefully I’ll be able to share more soon!

That’s all I’ve got!

Baby Coop: Weeks 22-24 and our upcoming move!

Happy Friday! Anyone else wondering where October went? Adeline’s birthday was in the beginning of October, we BOUGHT A HOUSE, and Halloween wrapped up that busy (beautiful) month! We’ll be moving in less than a month! This is a recap of weeks 22-24, but I only have non-cellphone pictures from week 24. #fail

We’ll still be living in Cincinnati, but further out on the east side. We started house hunting in late August, so we had been looking for about 2 months before we found “the one”. It’s actually kind of amazing how everything fell into place, I was visiting my friend Kaitlyn and after stealing snuggles from new-baby boy Hayes, while driving home, I saw that a house in their neighborhood was on the market! I looked EVERYWHERE online for information about the house, but I couldn’t find a thing! I passed along the info from the sign to our real estate agent and she got us a showing the next day. We put an offer on the house and it was “ours” before it ever went on the market! We had our inspection last week, and we’re STILL in the process of negotiating repairs. We’re set to close the Monday of Thanksgiving week, so we’ll be moving when I’m 26/27 weeks pregnant, which is almost exactly how far along I was with Adeline when we moved Daniel from Lexington, KY to Cincinnati! I officially came to Cincinnati when I was 32 weeks pregnant (after summer classes ended), and I’m INCREDIBLY thankful not to have 6 weeks living in two-places this go-around. Here’s a peek at the front!

Displaying IMG_20141029_093719045_HDR.jpg

Anyways, that was more “life updates” instead of pregnancy updates, but honestly, there’s not much to update on with Baby Coop. She’s still unnamed, and I feel pretty good physically! It’s really quite difficult for me to hold Adeline while walking, I’m almost wishing that my belly would get bigger so that it can be a bit more of a ‘shelf’ for her to sit on. I officially have no waist, and it’s just awkward to try to jut my hip out far enough for her to have a place to sit on. I’m thankful that Adeline and I can still snuggle (she lays on my chest while I’m laying on the couch), but I’m wondering if we’ll have to find a new way to snuggle as the bump grows.


Let’s see, what else… I’ve been walking and doing at-home workouts still. Some days I have a TON of energy, other days, I’m craving a nap or an early bedtime. I can’t really sleep in anymore, but it’s ok, I like to be up before Adeline anyways. Plus, I have a ton of energy in the morning, so it’s easier to get in morning workouts. I have about 1 day a week that I feel super low on energy, and it usually falls on a weekend so I can take a nap. I had my glucose screening yesterday, I’ll find out today if I passed. I failed the 1hr with Adeline (I ate breakfast before) and had to do a 3hr test (which I passed). This time, I had a few bites of cheese before the test, not a breakfast of any sort.


(24 Weeks)

My best friend since high-school, Kristen, just found out that she’s having a little boy! She’s due just 7 weeks after me and I’m SO EXCITED for them! Friends in our small group also just adopted their newborn son! So many babies, I love it!

I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous about going from 1 to 2, just because I know it’s going to be rough for a while. Super awesome and lovely and everything, but it’s going to be another big transition for our family. And now, we have a toddler who will be lumped into those changes as well. I guess part of me is just selfish- I like our quiet evenings after Adeline is in bed. I know I’ll like getting one-on-one time with the baby when Adeline is asleep, but it’s just different to KNOW what’s coming. I’m a little nervous about PPD, because I had some with Adeline, and I know that 2 is going to be hard on me mentally (I have a “problem” with letting go of expectations- working on it NOW!) I’m really excited, but I’m also just scared, how do other families do it?!?

Displaying IMG_20141023_143545874.jpg

(22 or 23 weeks?)

I had a dream about our little girl being born. It was actually pretty great, there wasn’t much to the laboring part, I remember pushing her out, but the labor was super fast! We had our first “planning” meeting last week with our doula, Emily Johnson with ERJ Baby. We went over our birth plan, and basically modified and updated the birth preferences that we had for Adeline’s birth! I’m sure the nerves about labor will kick in towards the end, but I’m kind of looking forward to this experience. We’ll be in a new house, we have an awesome doula to be supporting us throughout the labor and birth, and we’re bringing our second daughter into this world! All good things :)

OK, that was plenty of rambling. I’m working on a “Lately” post where I’ll attempt to recap what we’ve been up to in the past few months!

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