Baby Coop: Weeks 30-35

ONE MONTH UNTIL OUR DUE DATE!!! (but I’m prepared to go later if that’s what our little girl needs!)

Again with the lack of posting. Get it together, Holly! I’ve been quite busy at work these past few weeks. Getting 2014 wrapped up is no joke (especially when you’re not an accountant doing an accounting sort of job!)

30 weeks

We took our last overnight family trip last weekend to visit friends and grandparents in Lexington. It was wonderful to spend time with them, and it was actually a really smooth trip for everyone! However, I am glad that I’ll be sleeping in my own house for the remainder of my pregnancy. I’m not sleeping wonderfully- getting up 2-3x per night to use the restroom isn’t a prescription for incredibly restful sleep. I know it’s going to get a lot more disrupted in the near future, but at least I’ll have a tiny little girl to snuggle :)

31 Weeks(31 Weeks)

Last week, baby girl was still laying transverse/oblique. Basically, her head was down in my left hip and her bum was up and to the right. I’m a side sleeper, and whenever baby girl stretches at night, she was basically poking out of my sides. We had a chiropractic appointment on Saturday to try to encourage her to be head down. I know that my left side is far less flexible than my right. Even before getting pregnant, I had a hard time carrying Adeline on my left side because I couldn’t quite jut my left hip out to carry her. Anyways, I’ll definitely recommend Dr. Heather Iannelli at Chiropractic Kids in Northern Kentucky. She did a few baseline tests and then adjusted me in a few places. My round ligament on my left side is tight, and she showed me how to massage it. Since my visit on Saturday, baby girl has been head down 80% of the time! She was laying transverse more than half of the day before I saw Dr. Heather, so I’d say the chiropractic adjustment definitely helped! We’ll be going back on Friday, and probably 1-2 more times before delivery!

We’ve also been having lots of “Mommy Adeline time”! We went to Wendy’s for dinner (because I hadn’t made it to the grocery yet), and Adeline was THRILLED when “Let it Go” came on the radio!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.34.41 PM

I’ve still been keeping up with regular exercise- typically I’ll take 3 walks per week- anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. I’m definitely slowing down, and most of the walks are done with just the dog or at the gym. Adeline hasn’t been a big fan of the stroller and it’s been kind of chilly anyways.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.30.37 PM

I’m savoring the alone time! I’ve also been trying to be good about doing something strength and yoga oriented each week. I’ve been loving this Barre workout video and I’ve tried a few different prenatal yoga videos, but none that I absolutely LOVED enough to repeat. Getting in some physical activity really does make me feel better (less stiff/less PREGNANT), and I think I sleep. I did try a different Barre-esque video (still a prenatal one), but I was hurting the next day. It was just a bit too intense! Lesson learned :)

32 Weeks

Napping is becoming more of a priority. I work Tues, Wed and Thurs, and Adeline typically naps while I’m at work, so I don’t get a chance on those days to snooze. But, Fridays and the weekends have been fair game for some great midday pregnancy naps :) I should be wrapping up work in the next 2 weeks, and you’d better bet that I’m excited about increasing my weekly nappage. It’s funny that I want naps now, because I’m typically not a napper. I just don’t care to sleep when I’m not sleepy, but this late-pregnancy sleepiness definitely makes me want a snooze.

33 Weeks

The jury is still out on a name for this little girl. We had 2 potentials, but we’re not really convinced that either one is a good fit. And, we don’t have ANY middle name options at this point. We didn’t stumble upon Adeline’s name until maybe a week before she was born, and even when we first considered it, she didn’t become “Adeline” until after she was born. Part of me just wants to wait it out, hoping that we’ll just be inspired one day.

34 Weeks(34 Weeks)

In other news, the belly has DEFINITELY grown.


35 Weeks

And, just for kicks, a shot of the belly at 35 weeks with Adeline

35 Weeks with Adeline

At my 35 week doctor appointment, my belly actually measured small, so we had an ultrasound Monday just to check things out. I’ve been measuring about 2 weeks “behind” since they started checking fundal height, but this week was more like 6 weeks off. My doctor just thought the fundal height measurement was so different because she had dropped down. At my 35w6d appt, her head & belly measured in at 33w5d. The tech estimated that she was just shy of 5lbs, which should put her at 6-7lb at the time of birth! Adeline was 6lb 11oz at birth (40w2d), so that’s perfect! We were relieved to hear that she was growing just fine :) And we got a picture of her smushy little face:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.34.28 PMOK. That’s about all I have! Time to go take a snooze :) Little baby girl, we’re getting SO excited to meet you!!!

(belated) Holiday Recap 2014

I feel like I have so much I want to write in this space, but I’m not creating the time (or I’m busy filling it with playing “doctor gives a shot” for the 15 millionth time). I suppose maybe I’ll wrap up 2014? Let’s start there. Then we can dive into 2015 and things we’ve been doing lately!

The holidays were great. I’m VERY thankful that little baby cooper isn’t due until February, which gives us quite a nice respite to recover from the holiday hustle. I’m pretty sure I touched on Thanksgiving in my 25-29 week pregnancy recap, but it was really nice to only go to one event this year! I do feel bad that we missed out on seeing some of my extended family, but we have plans to make a trip down to Lexington later this month to visit with them. We moved into our house just 2 days before Thanksgiving (not recommended), so Thanksgiving is honestly a bit of a blur. (Adeline pretend napping on Daniel)
I didn’t cook a single thing (I think I helped my mother-in-law chop apples for a pie?)  and I don’t even think I took a single picture. Oops! Anyways, we did Thanksgiving with Daniel’s family in Louisville and it was nice (well, after dealing with some no-napping and bedtime sleep issues with Adeline!) The rest of November and early December FLEW by. Settling into a new house is no joke!
We decided to do a few “fun” things with Adeline this year since she’s so much more aware than in years past. We went to see Awaited at Crossroads, a (huge) local church in Cincinnati. Awaited is a live, artistic retelling of the Christmas story- complete with an onstage band and dancers (or BALLERINAS!) Our friend, Jimmy, wore part of the camel costume (he wore stilts, and another stilt-walker was behind him, and both were inside of a huge camel costume). Adeline became obsessed with “Jimmy in the camel” and she still talks about it! This song, “Love Crashed into the World” has been on REPEAT for the past 3 weeks on a Crossroads Kids CD we have. The video is a little weird with the alien/angel creatures, but the SONG. Oh that song.

Music Video: Love Crashed into the World from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo. We listen to this no less than 5x per day (probably more like 10 times a day, depending on how much we’re in the car!)

Anyways, she LOVED the show. She barely sat in her seat because she was up and dancing around so much. There were a few loud parts of the show when she just wanted to sit on my lap and snuggle, and I didn’t mind that one bit :) We actually took her back to see the show again (it’s free) because she enjoyed it so much the first time. Hopefully we can make this an annual tradition! There was also hot cocoa, which might be why her smile is so big in this picture!
Adeline’s awesome nanny, Sydney, also took her to do some fun Holiday things! They went down to the Newport Aquarium one day and Adeline got to meet Scuba Santa. She still talks about that Santa, and his gloves and big Santa hat. Sydney also took Adeline to see the holiday lights at the zoo while Daniel and I went to his (Hawiian-themed) work holiday party. Daniel and I ended up taking Adeline to the zoo once again to see the lights when Daniel’s sister, Rachel, came up to visit for the day! I’m so thankful that people have taken the time to have experiences with Adeline!
My mother-in-law also came up the weekend before Christmas to spend the night with Adeline while Daniel and I went down to Louisville for a gorgeous wedding of our friends Sam and Kristen. It was SO NICE for us to have a chunk of alone time. We savored our breakfast (no one had to get up to get a 2yr old anything!) and the drive home was great because we could talk about whatever we wanted to! We’re definitely penciling in at LEAST 2 date nights/days before this baby comes because they’ve been so refreshing for us.
And Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was wonderful. My sister, Maggie, and my mom & her husband stayed with us on the 22nd and 23rd. It was fun to “host” in our new house!
We ate some good food, didn’t stay up too late, and enjoyed celebrating Christmas with one another. Maggie came from North Carolina and my mom came from Florida, so it was pretty special to get to spend some time with them before the baby comes. We had an “eve of the eve” service at our church and it was incredible. I love Christmas services at church, but this year, the message was just so much sweeter than in years past.
We traveled into Louisville on Christmas eve and celebrated Christmas day with Daniel’s family. Adeline had a blast playing with her cousin, Kaitlin, on Kaitlin’s new slide. It’s really fun to see the “cousins” interacting- they’re just 9 months apart, but this is the first time they’ve really interacted with one another!
Adeline LOVED being the center of attention and being around so many people. She did so great with napping and sleeping, which was a huge relief for us. I think Daniel and I were more exhausted at the end of the trip than she was! I also got to see my BFF, Kristen, who is due just 7 weeks after we are!
We came back to Cincinnati and I celebrated my 27th birthday on Sunday the 28th! It was a pretty low-key day, I think we went to Starbucks (so that I could get my free birthday drink- a non-fat decaf coffee misto w/1 pump SF vanilla and 1 pump cinnamon dolce). I went to the gym (or for a walk?) later that day, and we just enjoyed having another day together as a family. I took one selfie on my birthday- that’s it!
We did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for New Years Eve. I’m pretty certain that we were in bed by 10:30. We know how to party. On the first day of 2015 we rearranged all of our bedrooms so that Daniel and I could continue to use a shower whenever the kiddos are sleeping. There are 2 bedrooms flank the main bathroom, so we decided to put one girl on either side of that bathroom and use the bathroom off of the kitchen as our own. I know it’s a total “first world problem” but I went 2+ years without being able to shower when my child was sleeping!
I also took a few notes from Pinterest and made our built-in bookshelves look prettier. I’m not 100% sold on all of it, but It’s much better than the clumps of books that we had up there before! My next ‘project’ is either getting artwork hung in the kiddo rooms or working on the fireplace mantle.
I know we’ve done a lot more over the past few months, but I think I’ll leave it at that!
Hope your holidays were wonderful, and I give you two thumbs up if you read through all of this! I kind of just wanted a record of what this holiday season was like for us as a family of 3 :)

Baby Coop: Weeks 25-29

Oh boy, the holidays sure have been busy and it’s not even Christmas (yet)! Let’s see if I can even find pictures of these weeks that have FLOWN past!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.05.57 PM

(25 weeks, before we moved)

I’m officially in the 3rd trimester. I think I might be in a bit of denial that this baby will be here in less than 12 weeks (and that’s if I go 2 weeks over my “due date”). Adeline and I were “talking” in the car today and it absolutely hit me that our time as just mommy & Adeline is coming to a close. Of course, we’ll still have time together (and I love doing mommy/Adeline dates), but it’s all just feeling a bit more “real” lately. I think actually looking pregnant has helped the reality sink in, but I do think that our recent move + the holidays has kind of pushed thoughts of who this baby girl might be to the back burner.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.06.13 PM

(27 weeks, sometime after Thanksgiving and our move!)

Weight: Up 12 lbs. I think? I’m guessing I’ll gain a little more than the 15 I did with Adeline :)
It’s scary to count down the weekends- we only have 10 weeks (+2, possibly) before baby girl is here! Holy cow! Check out this photo that we had taken at church this weekend. Adeline KILLS me in this photo! So much adorableness!


Settling into our new house has gone well. Adeline LOVES the house, and she runs laps down our hallway. I think she can appreciate the extra space. I’ve been a bit frustrated by this growing belly because I just cannot move things as easily as I used to. I mean, I suppose that’s normal and all, but getting rooms organized has been a little bit hard when I have to rely on Daniel to move big boxes. The house is coming together- no photos on the walls and we haven’t really put any effort into decorating yet, but that will come with time! Furniture is in the correct room, and things are finding their place throughout the house. Baby girl’s room is a work in progress- right now there’s a dresser and a twin bed (for Christmas guests), but not much else! I’m hoping to make a few pieces of artwork like I did for Adeline’s baby room before this girl arrives!


(28 weeks)

I’m trying to think of anything else pregnancy-related that I want to note… Oh! I definitely feel the weight of our little girl now. I noticed feeling the same thing at about 28/29 weeks with Adeline, too. I think baby is supposed to weigh 2-2.5lbs, and when she sits a certain way, it just feels like a little weight in my lower belly! I don’t feel like I noticed the gradual increase in weight, but now that she’s got a bit of heft, it’s just a different feeling. I haven’t been sleeping awesomely at night, I feel like my mind has trouble shutting off in the evening and then my body is ready to go really early. But, I don’t feel tired, so I’m trying to take advantage of the morning energy to get in some workouts and some ALONE time!


(29 Weeks)

I’m starting to be able to tell if I had a really active day at the end of the day. I’m usually on the couch (on the computer) after Adeline goes to bed because my body just kind of feels tired. I’ll get up to prep lunches or finish some housework, but usually, my feet are up and I’m glued here :) Let’s just say I’m savoring the quiet evenings that we currently have!

I really want to write this new baby a little letter, so I’m hoping to have a spark of inspiration soon. I remember writing little notes to Adeline in my pregnancy recaps last time, and I’d like to make sure this little girl has at least a couple. She is going to change our family, but we’re very much looking forward to meeting her and welcoming her in to our little world :)

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